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Need a vibrant story about your organisation’s impacts? Struggling to capture the right tone for your audience? Or have too much research to review?

With years of multi-lingual and cross-cultural experience in academia, civil society and news broadcasting, I can help you connect with your target audience.

Areas of specialist knowledge include environment and agriculture, politics, culture and development and the MENA region.


Want to make an academic paper readable and engaging? Or need to produce concise content on a complex issue?

Through attentive engagement with subect matter, I translate complex issues and terminology into everyday language.

My clients have included national and international and NGOs (including the UN), academia and individuals.

I have experience working with non-native English speakers, and translations from Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian and Tetum.


My portfolio samples the places I have worked and visited and aspects of the ongoing issues their peoples face.

Through observation and listening I aim to capture intangible moments and stories.

All of the services I offer can be accompanied by photography that captures your desired message.

All photos on this website are mine and are subject to copyright.

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Welcome to Between Deserts, a sample of writing and photography by Alex Ray.

Between Deserts began after years of travel, study and work Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, but has now expanded to cover other regions.

I hold undergraduate degrees in Environmental Science and Arabic and Islamic studies, and an MA in Middle East and Central Asian Studies. Born in Australia, I have lived and worked in Timor-Leste, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the UK and Portugal.

Seeking critical and nuanced perspectives on development, culture and society, Between Deserts is informed by ongoing personal and professional engagement with communities of the developing world.

I thank everyone who has supported this project and am indebted for the advice and assistance of friends, colleagues and family. The views and opinions presented on Between Deserts are my own and do not represent the organisations or individuals I work for.


“Given Lebanon’s reputation for instability, I contacted Alex to get customised travel and business insights for my first visit. He was able to give me specific advice on safety, drivers, destinations and activities. He was able to put together a thorough itinerary and written suggestions and his excellent Arabic helped ensure language barriers did not impede arrangements.”

– Abraham David, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Labour Management Services

“Through extensive on-the-ground engagement and study Alex has built up a nuanced and pragmatic understanding of the Levant region. I have benefited from his perspectives and insights on several occasions when seeking additional perspectives on complex issues and their context.”

– Lee Rhiannon, Former Greens Senator for New South Wales

“Alex ran a complex programme of ideal and often imaginative activities for my group, over a two week period in Jordan. He is very thorough in his preparation and is always considering how things can be improved. … He is well connected and has a knack for making productive relationships with people and their organisations … I have benefited from his perspectives and insights on several occasions when seeking additional perspectives on complex issues and their context.”

– Henry Dawson, Lecturer, Cardiff Metropolitan University

In his capacity as program coordinator for the Changing Lives Program, it has been our pleasure to work with Alex Ray on our study tours for Australian journalism students to Jordan. Alex is professional, meticulous and thorough, and his attention to detail ensures that complex events run smoothly. Organising a program remotely from overseas can be extremely stressful but having Alex as a point of contact provides peace of mind.

– Dr Scott Bridges, Managing Director, Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange