Quick Comment: The Russians are coming!

Notes from a good friend and critical thinker on the hysteria over Russian involvement in Syria:

It can be time consuming to gather evidence to disprove the regime-change lobby’s misinformation on Syria, but this one was easy to nail.

According to the State Department, US think tanks such as the Institute for the Study of War and the western media echo chamber, the first Russian bombing runs did not strike Islamic State-infested areas, as the Russians and Syrian government claimed.

The Institute for the Study of War said the Russians hit the (non Islamic State) “rebel-held” towns of Rastan and Talbisah, north of Homs City, as well as the towns of Al Latamneh and Kafr Zeita in Homs province.

Hang on, wasn’t Rastan in the news just the other day?

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti-government organisation, announced that Islamic State shot dead seven men in Rastan on September 21 “after accusing them of being homosexual”.

The SOHR statement didn’t get much coverage, there being no “regime barrel bombs” involved, but AFP did report it.

This photo – taken in Homs Old City soon after the “rebels” evacuated in May 2014 – further refutes the idea that Homs and surrounds are an Islamic state free zone. It reads: “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will go on by the will of God”

ISIS propaganda on the walls of Homs’ old city – taken in May 2014 just after rebels were allowed to retreat.

For those interested in how Russian intervention in Syria has come about, see this interview with former White House Middle East adviser Gwyneth Todd.


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